Company Background

Eldredge Engineering is a small, woman-owned engineering consulting company that delivers big results for our clients. We specialize in energy, environment and chemical process engineering. Eldredge Engineering was incorporated in August 2001. The company principals are Elaine Eldredge, President, Business Manager, and Staff Engineer, and Brad Eldredge, Vice President and Principal Engineer.

Since starting consulting work, Elaine and Brad have worked on several significant projects including technical review and assistance with Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) Fluidized Bed Steam Reformer (FBSR) project, calculating the mass balance for the FBSR experiments, serving as an Expert Witness in a contract lawsuit, helping to write the Research and Technology (R&T) Plan for the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant (WTP), writing the R&T Plan addendum for the Fluidized Bed Steam Reformer at Hanford WTP, performing the annual update for the Hanford WPT R&T plan, technical review of modifications to waste management operations at the INL, technical expert for product liability lawsuits, test engineers at the Integrated Waste Treatment Unit and assisting in evaluation of power plant technical feasibility.

Prior to launching Eldredge Engineering, Elaine and Brad were employed by the INL and the University of Idaho. Elaine worked at the Loss-of-Fluid Test facility as a test engineer and Brad worked at the Idaho Chemical Process Plant as a process development engineer. After our first child was born, Elaine stayed home to care for our children. In 1989 Elaine and Brad both returned to the University of Idaho in Moscow to pursue advanced degrees in chemical engineering. In May 1991, Elaine received an M.S. and Brad received a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UI. After graduation, Brad started work at the University of Idaho at Idaho Falls (UI-IF) teaching courses in material and energy balances, fluid mechanics, fluidization, thermodynamics, hazardous waste management and treatment, and numerical methods and mathematical modeling. Elaine also instructed at UI-IF and regularly taught the introductory chemical engineering mass and energy balance course. While teaching at UI-IF, Brad served as major professor for more than 20 graduate students; almost all of whom were INL employees. Most of the research done by these students focused on waste management issues at the INL. Brad has authored or co-authored over 25 technical journal articles, conference papers and reports.

For a more complete listing of our backgrounds and capabilities, see our full resumes on this website.